Introducing BullCoin

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$BULC will become an integral part of the BullBot infrastructure

To aid user access and functionality of BullBots, a token was created to drive engagement through discount offers as well as investment opportunities for the community — enter $BULC.


BullCoin is an Erc-20 token that was minted to provide a unique value proposition to users and investors alike.

BullCoin allows users to receive discounts on subscription services to the BullBots ecosystem whilst also providing investment opportunity linking this use case to the deflationary nature of the token.

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The BullCoin minting event will last 12 months and will take place to set the total supply volume going forwards. During this 12 month period there are 4 horizons to keep an eye on (defined on the above roadmap) which result in 2 key actions each time;
1. a rise in price
2. and coin burns

The entire 20 m supply of BullCoin will be available to purchase during 2021, with conditions placed on single transaction volume. Any allocation of BullCoin remaining at the end of each sales period will be burned forever. There is no reserve or team shares ring fenced so users and investors will set the total supply through purchases in 2021.

In Q1 2022 we will be offering investors the opportunity to stake their tokens directly through your BullBots account — our aim is to look after our early supporters and provide a number of opportunities throughout the year that provide benefit but also drives engagement.

Regardless of experience there will be something for everyone.

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$BULC Tokenomics


•All BULC will be sold OR burned during 2021
• There are no team shares and there is no reserve
• Purchases are limited to 500k BULC per tx per address
• If one stage sells out of supply you will not be able to purchase any more until the next period starts — at the new price!
• Platinum Bot can only be accessed on the monthly subscription when paying 100% in BULC — so don’t miss out.

Thought and consideration has been applied early to both encourage early support and speculation but also provide assurances of project longevity with a focus given to product development and community growth.

See video explanation here

What’s Next?

Website — Buy your $BULC here from Jan 2021

Please stay tuned for additional information. If you want to stay up to date with our work please subscribe / follow the below;






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If you're unsure where to get this key, please refer to the tutorial video above this form.
If you're unsure where to get this key, please refer to the tutorial video above this form.

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