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Aiming for #1 on FTX for trading volume!

In its simplest form, BullBots replaces the need for human interaction and is based on clearly defined rules to get in and out of markets leveraging repeatable logic through computational thinking.

Trading Bots are utilised in all trading circles primarily to combat the pitfalls all traders experience, repeatable trade entry / exits without the need for discretion. Benefits of this include, but are not limited to:

  1. High Frequency Trading (HFT ) — Financial markets, and crypto in particular, moves at break neck speed and through missing out on otherwise solid trades, Ryan became motivated to harness a system to capitalise on this common human flaw — speed.
  2. Consistent Decisions — Computers don’t get emotional which is of huge benefit in the trading game. A trading bot can assess information such as market actions, price, time, volume, orders, in much quicker time than done manually by a person without the emotion or stress attached.
  3. Never miss a move again — Taking the human element out of the trading also allows the system to operate for as long as the market is open — for crypto this is 24/7 so the advantages are numerous in this regard.

Identifying this as an opportunity, the main driver behind BullBots was to make algorithmic trading accessible for all levels of ability. From the services currently in the market we felt there was a significant gap in the market for a hands-off, simplified value proposition that takes the effort out of setting up servers, creating a strategy, identifying suitable exchanges and interactions through APIs, where you could simply and effectively plug in and press play.

The BullBots algorithms are built from pillars that underpin most trading strategies but often take a backseat in the heat of the moment. BullBots prides itself on staying true to the rules and adhering to strict set-ups;

Risk Management: Each System places a take profit, stop loss, and a trailing stop loss when a trade is opened. Our systems also preset the leverage and order size ensuring strict risk management.

Fully Backtested: Our trading Systems are fully backtested over long time frames. We have meticulously stress tested the bots across 90,000 candles and multiple instruments to fine tune the strategy and optimise risk management and profitability.

Account Growth: Our objective is to attain a steady account growth whilst ensuring risk is the #1 priority.

Our Roadmap

We have an aggressive plan for 2021 — but one we feel has a good balance of user needs and innovation in a very challenging industry.

Our Services

From January 1st 2021 users will be able to sign up to our products directly through the website.

Whilst the strategies are designed to be completely hands off users are able to pause or indeed completely stop the bots from running if they so wish. Our strategies are fully mechanical and therefor lend themselves to automation, where discretion is required, assumptions have been strenuously back tested across various trading instruments to optimise for performance and protection of capital.

Our Products

Silver: Monthly cost of £100.00 (25% discount offered if paying with $BULC)

Gold: Monthly cost of £200.00 (25% discount offered if paying with $BULC)

Platinum: Monthly cost of £300.00 (Payable in $BULC Only)

You can qualify for a 25% discount on Silver and Gold packages if utilizing $BULC for (full) payment. Access to Platinum is reserved for those paying exclusively in $BULC.

Each tier corresponds to a particular set of strategies (scripts) that fit one or multiple assets.

Silver — Our entry level product is based on cyclical trends, is dynamic in its nature so much so we will continually look to optimise its performance through updates to the logic.

Gold — This is a more complex and logic-oriented bot utilising Ryan’s proprietary Moving Average strategy based on crosses and pattern recognition.

Platinum — Offers a combination of strategies in one trading Bot, focus is on optimising trading capital across a range of instruments to maximise the impact of compounding.

Risk Management

The trading systems are designed to be self-depended and conclusive meaning that for every opened position there will be already an exit tool live on the exchange and activated so that if the bot crashes for any reason, the position will still be managed regardless.

Our Infrastructure

BullBots are written in C# and run into a Windows Server 2019 on an AWS.

All customers bots run independent of each other to isolate and secure connections

  • All strategies are live 24 / 7
  • BullBots is hosted in AWS
  • Servers are located in Asia, to remove latency issues connecting to the exchange

Our Support

BullBots offers a truly 100% automated Trading system that can be set up in just a few minutes with no experience and thereafter is hands-free.

Users will have the ability to configure some aspects of the bots, specifically the leverage and they will be able to pause the bots’ activities.

This functionality has been embedded to give confidence to users that whilst the Bots are able to manage the accounts the control is firmly in the users hands.

In addition to this, ALL users can expect;

  1. A step by step guide walking you through the different stages of signup
  2. Video instructions of the activation of your accounts and setting up of API links
  3. Dedicated team support for queries through the use of Telegram / Discord
  4. Users will receive direct messages through Telegram from their Bot detailing triggers for trade entries and exits.
  5. A bespoke dashboard on the platform detailing ROI and bot performance stats — your window into your investment.

We will also be investigating adapting the strategies with other configurations where possible to optimise the products and our strategies.

This will lead to organic development being driven by the community and potentially lead to new products being developed to benefit users and investors alike — profitability with drive;

  • User numbers and community growth
  • Use of $BULC as payment medium to secure discounted tariffs, access to Platinum as well as new product offerings
  • Coinburn reducing the supply of $BULC
  • Trade volume increasing through FTX will result in benefits from the exchange that will cascade down to the users

Other Project Initiatives

The emphasis behind the project is to build a community of users that benefit from the products that are being developed. In the short term the focus is to provide opportunities for early adopters to leverage our products to realise these benefits fully and be rewarded for their support.

There are further initiatives in development;

  • Monthly draws will be held on Twitter with winners gaining a free month’s access to a BullBots products.
  • We are investigating access to BullBots through other means other than subscription to allow those curious of the products the ability to test them out before fully committing — so watch this space.

What’s Next? — Subscribe here to take advantage of the automated trading strategies, live from Feb 2021.

Please stay tuned for additional information. If you want to stay up to date with our work please subscribe / follow the below;






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If you're unsure where to get this key, please refer to the tutorial video above this form.

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