Introducing Bull Global LTD

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Bull Global Ltd is the holding company for both and domains, owned and developed by Ryan Luffman aka “Bull Of Bitcoin”.

As separate entities both offering discrete services and opportunities for investors by themselves, collectively they represent the culmination of several years of research, development and essentially, one mans appetite to deliver a unique value proposition for others to benefit from.

2021 will see the first fruits of these labours with the implementation of both BullBots and BullCoin. An ecosystem built for, and around, a community of users and investors, so that they may too benefit from Ryan’s innovation.

Bull, as referred to on Crypto Twitter (CT), is better known for his property development and cockney accent but above all prides himself on delivering an exception quality in both service and product regardless of sector. He is one of the biggest advocates on CT for using Moving Averages to secure trading profits and it is this consistency and passion for simplicity that has resulted in the project successes to date.

Our Roadmap

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We have an aggressive plan for 2021 — but one we feel has a good balance of user needs and innovation in a very challenging industry.


BullCoin is an Erc-20 token with a unique value proposition linked to its use case within the BullBots service and its deflationary nature.

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$BULC Tokenomics

Our Ecosystem

Users — The website will allow the trader to access various tiers of bots that work on pre-determined logic and all offering different opportunities.

Subscription services offered in tiers:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Investors — Early supporters were rewarded with the opportunity to test this strategy out for themselves for free and see the strategies working in real time but there are also other reasons to get involved in 2021.

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Bringing the metaphorical to life in a tangible collectible with real world value!

We are creating physical BullCoins to send to each presale participant.

These will be sent to everyone participating in the early sales as a keepsake and a personal thank you from the Team for the support and trust.

Further to this, there will be 2 x 24c gold coins up for grabs. These will be given away to 2 randomly selected investors from the initial sales window.

January 2021 — Go Live!

The BullCoin presale, as per the roadmap, begins Jan 1st we will also be live coming out of beta for BullBots on this day so users can take advantage of subscription discounts when paying in BullCoin as well as automating their trading activity and taking advantage of the strategies on offer.

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The BullCoin Countdown is on!

Interested parties will be able to purchase BullCoin directly through the website using the “BUY NOW” button.

Instructions and further details are provided on the website so please pay us a visit and familiarise yourself with the information we have provided.

Websites — Buy your $BULC here from Jan 2021 — Subscribe here to take advantage of the automated trading strategies, live from Feb 2021

Beyond the Here and Now

Thought and consideration has been applied early to both encourage support and speculation but also provide assurances of project longevity with a focus given to product development and community growth.

Going forwards the focus is on growth; Both of its community, supported by a fully automated service but also it product offerings to ensure everyone can benefit from the solutions we are providing.

Through transparency and consistency of the business model wants to bring professional level trading capabilities to all levels of users, allowing them to benefit from this hands-off approach to trading.

The algorithmic trading sector is growing, BullBots is aiming high and has already partnered with FTX to support our service goals and growth targets.

The BullCoin token underpins the project and brings tangible benefits to early investors and product users alike. Backed up through deflationary tokenomics, a tried and tested business model and a growing community, balancing supply and demand of both token and services is a challenge we look forward to meeting head on in 2021.

Please stay tuned for additional information. If you want to stay up to date with our work please subscribe / follow the below;






BullBot Setup Form

Please answer the questions below to help us get BullBot set up and connected to your trading account.
Once you've submitted your information, we'll process your response and get BullBot set up within 48 hours.
Send "/start" to @getmyid_bot on Telegram to get yours.
We can't activate your BullBot subscription until you've made your payment.
Please tell us what token you paid with so we can cross-check that your payment has cleared.
We'll cross-check your answer with your account info to make sure we connect the right bot.
Please send the full reference number for your transaction so we can cross-check that your payment has cleared.
If you're unsure where to get this key, please refer to the tutorial video above this form.
If you're unsure where to get this key, please refer to the tutorial video above this form.

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